College football 2012 Fantasy College Football games reviewThe college football season kicks off tonight and what better way to celebrate than play fantasy college football. Our friends at Fantazzle have launched their college football games just in time for the start of the regular season. Now in their second year of offering college fantasy football, they have added a wider variety of games. This season, there are three different games to play every week: salary cap, limited lineup and pick’em games.

1. Salary cap college fantasy football games

In this style, you choose a lineup of 10 players with a salary cap $1 million for one week. For example you could take Matt Barkley as your QB, but he’ll cost you $180,000 almost 20% percent of your salary cap. It’s decision like that make salary cap fun. Do you guy all out on a couple guys like Barkley and Montee Ball and then cheap out on the rest, or go for a more balanced approach.

Also they’re offering a season-long fantasy college football salary cap game for the first time. This is just like managing a fantasy football team. You get to select a new lineup every week as player salaries update every Wednesday. This game doesn’t start until Saturday so you still have a couple of days to register. You can even play for free if you want, but they also have paying options with fees ranging from $5.50-$110.

2. Limited Lineup Challenge games

In this format, you are presented with a group of players at a specific position and then you have to choose one out of the group. For example, all of the top rated quarterbacks like Barkley, Landry Jones, Denard Robinson and others will be available to choose and you only pick one of them. Then the lower ranked quarterbacks will be grouped together and so on for all the positions. Read more…