Fantasy Football defense, special teams: What you should know

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Just like with all position players, there are an élite amount of DST (defense and special teams) and the question that remains is who are the best of the rest? Our top six DST include the 49ers, Packers, Giants, Patriots, Ravens, and the Jets.   Once they’re off the board, we have put together a list of other DST and list why they should be considered for your team…

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Philadelphia Eagles– Even though they play in one of the more competitive divisions in the NFL, we’re picking the DST of the Eagles as sleepers this season. They had a usually poor start last year but in the final weeks they came on strong and became more of the Eagles D of old. They made some great moves in the off-season to help fortify their defense-moves like the additions of rookie linemen Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry as well as linebacker DeMeco Ryans should put the Eagles back into defensive relevancy which has always been a major part of their game.

Houston Texans– With DeMeco Ryans going to Philadelphia and former 1st rounder Mario Williams shuffling off to Buffalo, any other team would be in for a long season, but this is a defense that’s got Wade Phillips at the helm and they’re coming off their best defensive season in their franchise’s history! This season, instead of being great they’ll be just ‘very good’ which is all you want for your team because you don’t need the best DST to win your league. Read more here…

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