What you need to know before your Fantasy Football draft

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As you get closer to entering your 2012-13 Fantasy Football draft, especially with the regular season just some six weeks away, there are some things that you need to remember, even if you’re a savvy manager with loads of fantasy trophies on the shelf! Here are a few to consider:

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Knowing the scoring system

Each league has their own blueprint. Some are very basic and some get a bit more intense. For example, in standard formats, points are awarded for points scored as well as yardage. In other more custom leagues, 6 points are garnered for passing TD’s instead of the more common 4. PPR (points per reception), points for return yardage and for scoring plays which cover more than 40 yards are just a few. Be mindful before selecting your league or you just might be in for a long season..

Stay active on the waiver wire

If you want an edge in any fantasy league you must pay frequent visits to the waiver wire.  From my own experience, I have the greatest success when, at the end of a season, at least 50-60% of my team were acquired from the waiver pool and not the draft room.  Picking up new additions to your league should come more naturally (and often) in Fantasy Football than in most other sports as the injuries come faster and more furious on the gridiron than on a baseball diamond.  If you’re in multiple leagues, check several times a week to see the moves that other mangers have made. You’ll be surprised how many pickups you can acquire that way. Read more here…

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