Fenway farewell for Red Sox

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Huey Lewis once sang “If this is it….Please let me know.” To all those in Red Sox Nation I’m letting you know that this week at Fenway is surely “it” for the 2012 season. Look at this week as a “Fenway Farewell” to relevant baseball for Boston for the year. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to the real hardcore BoSox fans. This season has been a complete nightmare. A massive failure. Nothing has gone right for this team since around this time last year. From last September’s collapse to Bobby Valentine’s signing to the mishandling of players like Daniel Bard(comma) Carl Crawford & Jacoby Ellsbury the Red Sox have come out like Alicia Silverstone(comma) Stacey Dash & Brittany Murphy all rolled into one…CLUELESS.

Here’s why this week is “it” for the 2012 Red Sox and possibly for the entire organization as we know it.

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The hometown team returns to the “friendly confines” with a 6-12 record so far in August after showing a brief glimmer of life at the end of July highlighted by grabbing 2 out of 3 in the Bronx.  That “glimmer” turned into a complete gaffe once they re-took the field in Fenway by dropping 3 of 4 to the lowly Twins and that pretty much set the tone for the month.  August has seen the “Sahhhx” drop 5 of 8 games to losing/non-playoff teams while fairing just as poorly to teams they’ve been battling for playoff spots with going 3-7 against them.  They’re 2-6 at home this month bringing their season home record to 29-34.  Shocking for a team whose home field advantage most thought rivaled that of their neighbors down Route 1(comma) the New England Patriots.

This week Boston hosts playoff contender Los Angeles and perennial AL doormat Kansas City.  The Angels have found their own struggles of late as they come in losers of 4 in a row and are the first of five teams Boston would need to leapfrog  for a playoff spot.  As for Kansas City(comma) the Red Sox wish they were playing like the Royals.  KC is 10-6 vs playoff contenders this month and just swept the White Sox(comma) they’ve also split with Baltimore and took 2 of 3 from the A’s while going 4-3 on the road.  For the 2012 Red Sox KC’s August would be a dream sequence.

The pitcher’s scheduled to pitch for Boston during this one week six game home stand are a combined 6-10 this month(comma) 15-21 since the All-Star break.  Although Clay Buccholz and John Lester have pitched well of late(comma) the 5 guys going this week have a combined 4.68 ERA for August with ace/outcast Josh Beckett weighing down the staff and entire team with his 9.93 ERA over the past few weeks.

The Red Sox would be fortunate to tread water this week(comma) but even if they pull that off the teams they’re chasing for a playoff spot could drown them from a far.  Tampa Bay hosts both the Royals & Oakland looking to build on their 33-27 home record while the Tigers(34-25 at home) get Toronto & LA in Detroit.  Oakland gets a few games at home against the Twins and Baltimore also gets to play AL East cellar dweller Toronto.

So far this week Carl Crawford is slated for Tommy John surgery on Thursday and pitching coach Bob McClure has been fired and the Sox haven’t even taken the field yet.  The ongoing soap opera continues.  The bickering continues.  The losing goes on.  The end is here.  The good times that have felt so good on Yawkey way for the last 10 years are over.  By the time the Red Sox get back to Fenway in September after the road trip they leave for on Sunday it will all be over.

Red Sox Nation…This Is It.

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