Gene Chizik on his way out of Auburn?

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Auburn stands 300x199 Gene Chizik on his way out of Auburn?Pathetic, embarrassing, and humiliating are just a few words to describe the Auburn Tigers and Gene Chizik.

The 63-21 loss to Texas A&M are the most points Auburn has ever given up during SEC play which was founded back in 1933.

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The 671 yards allowed was the most  in program history. A&M had 38 first downs, converted 9-of-11 third downs and averaged 8.2 yards per play.

After starting the season 1-6 and the poor play that has surrounded it one couldn’t imagine the Tigers bringing back Chizik in 2013 after this type of performance.

By now Chizik’s office should be packed and the boxes should be taped up.

It’s always a tough week when anyone loses a parent, even Chizik, whose presence has caused fans to send letters and voice mail’s to the school president.

The most pathetic thing about the loss is it came in Auburn’s home stadium, Jordan-Hare Stadium.  Texas A&M isn’t a push-over but never should a team with the standards of an “Auburn” be dominated like that.

Fans in the student section voiced their displeasure by leaving. A tweet by @JayGTate, who works for, showed how empty the student section was just after halftime: (@JayGTate)

Just think of the out-lash that will come from an Alabama beating…

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5 Responses to Gene Chizik on his way out of Auburn?

  1. engineereagan says:


  2. sroberts says:

    The only reason they haven’t fired Chizik yet is because they’re feeling sorry for him because his mother died!

  3. brad says:

    Why are we not mentioning Jay Jacobs? He’s the one causing all of the problems in the schools athletic department…

  4. RD says:

    Jay Jacobs must be fired ASAP!

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