Does Golf need a shot clock to speed up the game?

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Jim FurykThe pace of play in professional golf has been the subject of discussion for many years.

One year back in the 1980′s at an U.S. Open during a particularly turtle-like pace had hit on the weekend, ABC’s Jim McKay told a story about a sign he saw on a golf course that he had played that a round of golf should take no more than three hours.

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While a three hour window would be really ideal for television, fans, and players alike, the realistic time is really right around four.

When Kevin Na was fighting himself around the course last week at the players between all the waggles and pulling off the shots, the time to take a shot came back into focus front and center. Na and playing partner Zach Johnson were so far behind on the back nine Saturday, they were not only warned for slow play but Na’s shot time was too slow and he was further warned. A second warning would have had a fine given. Read more here…

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