Second guessing: Lurie says he was skeptical

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Owner Jeffrey Lurie tells Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News that he had reservations last year about Andy Reid’s decision of bumping up the man who’ll now get a buyout.
“Yes I did,” Lurie said of the decision to make Juan Castillo defensive coordinator in 2011.  “But I let Andy make that call.  I respected his decision.  He felt it was the best thing to do at the time, and I don’t interfere in that area.”
Lurie also said that the decision to dump Castillo also was Reid’s and Reid’s alone.
“The way I operate, a coach is responsible for his staff,” Lurie said.  “[He needs to] succeed or fail based on who he chooses and his own performance.  I don’t trigger that.”
But Lurie did everything but pull the trigger in August, making it clear with chilling nonchalance that Reid will be fired if the Eagles have another .500 season.  And while Lurie likely knows Reid well enough to know that he can bear the pressure of coaching for his job, Lurie likely underestimated the impact of his words on everyone else, from Castillo to Mike Vick (who has 15.5 million reasons for Reid to return) to anyone and everyone else with a vested interest in Reid staying put. Read more…
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