Heat Fan stabbed a Celtics fan after Game 6

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LeBon JamesThings got way out of hand when a Miami Heat fan went Jason Voorhees after the Game 6.

Boston Police are searching for a Miami Heat fan accused of stabbing a Celtics fan after Thursday night’s game.

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Witnesses say a group of Miami Heat and Celtics fans poured into an alleyway by the TD Garden and one of the Heat fans stabbed a Celtics fan with a switch blade-like knife.

Witnesses told police that two groups of about six people starting arguing over the outcome of Thursday night’s game when the suspect, who was wearing Miami Heat clothing, pulled out a large knife and stabbed the victim.

I am not surprised by this mainly because I see the type of raw emotion that comes out of people during and after these games every single day.

And that is just online.

As someone who has been to many sporting events and seen my share of fights break out, the combination of alcohol and people way too invested in their teams lead to these type of altercations.

It should never get to the point of fighting, shooting and stabbing, but just be aware when you are at these events everyone isn’t as sane as you.

It is quite possible the man who just defending himself from Celtics fans who were salty over the loss.  It could have went either way, but the point is be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Some people just hate their lives and have no problem killing you over a game, so please be safe.

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