Can the Heat win without Chris Bosh?

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Miami Heat40 points, 18 rebounds, and 9 assists. Those are the legendary numbers of one, LeBron James in the game four win over the Pacers on Sunday. Dwayne Wade’s game wasn’t too shabby either. After starting 1-8, D Wade finished 13-23 for 30 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists. The dynamic duo of LeBron and Wade at one point in the game accounted for 38 consecutive points. The remarkable statistics listed before you lead me to another one. The Heat only won the game by 8 points, and really it was a lot closer than that in the final minutes. While this series versus the Pacers may be saved for the Heat, the season can only be saved by one person. Chris Bosh.

The Pacers have proven to be an extremely tough team, pushing the Heat to the brink in the first four games of the Eastern semi-finals. They have taken major advantage of the Heat inside on offense, with the combination of Roy Hibbert and David West, and stacked the middle on the defensive side. There has been very limited space for two of the big three to do what they do, in the absence of their third. With Bosh, they have the ability to run a real pick and roll. One where the screener can actually score, and not be abandoned by the defense. Having Bosh on floor forces the opponents big man to guard him on the permiter, which allows the space needed for LeBron and D Wade to do what they do.

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What will happen if Miami has to face the top notch teams, such as, Boston, San Antonio, or Oklahoma City without Bosh? If you ask me, lose. As if those well coached teams would need a blue print to beat a Boshless Heat squad, they got one any way. The Heat cannot rely on all-time performances from LeBron and Wade every game for the rest of the playoffs. To say they need Bosh, is puting it lightly. If the ultimate goal of the Heat is to make it to the promise land, which it is, they will not survive without the third member of the big three.

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