LeBron James1 300x203 Why the Heat will win next years NBA FinalsLebron James is that player, love him, hate, or not care about him at all. You take one peek at the man’s game and you see things that other NBA players simply can’t do.

Pass, he can do that.Score, he can do that.Rebound, he can do that.

Defend, yes he can do that too.

All at an elite level. Durant, Kobe and Wade may have ice Water, but James gives your team a chance to win every night. See Cleveland before and after King James.

II) They have tasted blood.

Now that Heat has seen what it takes to win along with the fact that they are still young enough to do something about it, it’s just a matter of them staying healthy to win a finals next year.

Simply put, they have a distinct advantage of other teams looking either to get back to the finals like the Lakers and Spurs because as good as those teams are they still have to fight with father time as well as a full 82 game season after an Olympic year. That will see Nash,Ginibali,Parker, and Kobe all play this summer adding mileage onto already seasoned knees and cartilage.  Read More…