Houston Rockets: Lottery makeover

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Kyle LowryWhat will it take for the Houston Rockets to get out of the lottery and back into the playoffs? Here are three scenarios that could help the organization.

Trade Kyle Lowry and a future 1st round pick to Portland for their 6th and 41st overall picks.

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The early word is that the Blazers are willing to move their number 6 pick for a young point guard. That is right up Houston’s alley. Lowry has said he would like a trade and after a career season where he averaged 14.6 ppg, 6.6 apg and 4.6 rpg, there isn’t a point guard in the draft who will step in immediately and produce at that kind of level. As for the Rockets, Lowry might be at his peak value-wise. As for the second round pick, the Blazers might want a future 2nd rounder thrown in there as well, but they don’t want as many picks as they have, look for them to move one of the second-rounders, or both if they hang on to both first-rounders.

Draft Harrison Barnes (North Carolina) with the 6th pick, Tyler Zeller (North Carolina) with the 14th pick and draft Tyshawn Taylor (Kansas) with the 41st. Read more here…

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One Response to Houston Rockets: Lottery makeover

  1. jarred allen says:

    Whoever wrote this article is an idiot to think that 3 rookies. Tyshawn Taylor, Harrison Barnes and Tyler Zeller with Scola and Martin would be a better team then this years team. What a joke!

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