The Houston Rockets rolled the dice

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Jeremy LinThe Houston Rockets should never go anywhere and gamble… EVER. Recently the Rockets tried to out smart their fellow NBA teams by offering some sneaky contracts to players. Their thoughts were to try and lock up these individuals so that the franchises couldn’t be able to be major players in the 2013 free agency. This free agency will feature certain players like Chris Paul, Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard (if he doesn’t get traded and sign a deal). The new CBA has called for some steep penalties if the teams go over the salary cap.

Houston recently has made certain moves to make sure they would have enough room to sign two mega stars preferably Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Its no secret that Paul and Howard have expressed interest in playing with each other. Recently Houston waived Luis Scola in efforts to make room for their cap and trade for Dwight Howard. The Rockets made a move to block the New York Knicks from the Howard sweepstakes by offering Jeremy Lin, a restricted free agent to an offer worth 25.1 million dollars. This move, couldn’t be because Lin deserves this much but to gamble and think that Knicks liked Lin so much that they wouldn’t let him walk.

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Unfortunately for the Rockets it looks like the Knicks will call the bluff and let him go play for the Rockets.  Read More…

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