If Howard joins the Lakers will Deron Williams follow?

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Kobe Bryant and Deron Williams

Since before the season started, the Los Angeles Lakers were the center piece of offseason trade talk. Actually let’s be real about this. The Lakers are always the center piece of blockbuster trade speculation. What’s so different this season, besides the obvious lockout that shortened the season, is the Lakers were ousted early on in the playoffs. We all know Phil Jackson retired from coaching shortly after; and Mike Brown was hired that same month.

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Obviously with the aforementioned lockout, there wasn’t much talking going on until it ended after Thanksgiving. That’s when it all broke loose in the NBA and the Lakers were right there smack dab in the middle of it. Of course the Lakers were in the middle of trade talk. Dallas punked them in the Western Conference Semifinals. Fans and critics alike can give excuses all day long about the Lakers being tired and what not, but the truth of the matter was they were simply outplayed. In the series before Dallas they played against the Hornets, and the Lakers had no answer for Chris Paul. However, because of the Lakers’ size, they were able to win the series in six games. That series exposed them and moves needed to be made.

Not having a point guard has been an indictment on the Lakers for several years now. They haven’t had a legitimate point guard since Nick Van Exel. The thing is no one ever noticed because of the ‘Triangle Offense.’ It’s not your conventional style of basketball. While other teams were running the pick and roll, the Lakers were running their offense through the Triangle. Think about it, Phil Jackson never had a dominant point guard in Chicago or Los Angeles. and he was able to win 11 Championships with that famous Triangle. Those days are over now and the need for a legitimate point guard has never been more prevalent.

General Manager Mitch Kupchak knew he needed to make a move that would make the Lakers contenders again. He knew that with Mike Brown as coach, he would need a point guard that could run with the likes of Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, and other fast young point guards in the league. Therefore, he went after Chris Paul in a trade for Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. We all know what happened from there so there’s no need to beat a dead horse. Then the big talk of the NBA was a straight up trade with Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum. Everyone seems to be riding the Dwight Howard train, and they should be. Dwight is arguably the most dominant center in the NBA during a time when the age of the ‘Big Man’ seems to be diminishing. However, trading for Howard doesn’t remedy the problem the Lakers have. That problem is not having a point guard who can stand toe to toe with the elite point guards of the league. Or on second thought, maybe it does remedy their current problem. Maybe getting Dwight Howard to join the Lakers will attract Nets guard Deron Williams.

Before the Lakers were even in the conversation of acquiring Dwight Howard, it looked like it was going to be a matter of time before Dwight Howard would be joined with Williams in New Jersey. Sources close to the situation say that Deron Williams will resign with the Nets if they can acquire Dwight Howard. This puts Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov is in an all or nothing situation. He either lands Dwight Howard, or he loses Deron Williams this summer. There is absolutely no way Deron Williams is staying with the Nets if Howard isn’t there. That much is obvious. To their credit, the Nets tried to acquire Howard by trading Brook Lopez. Now Lopez is out due to injury. With the injury, that deal is all but squashed. There was recent buzz going around about Dwight Howard adding the Clippers to his list of teams he wants to play for – like he’s making a list to go to the grocery store. That deal will probably not happen either because the Clippers would have to gut their roster just to get Howard. Howard would be in the same predicament he’s in right now in Orlando. Why would he want to do that?

A deal that makes the most sense would be Howard to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum and perhaps a draft pick for good measure. Mitch still has that trade exception in his pocket from the Lamar Odom give away. That won’t be enough to get Deron Williams in a trade. However, when Deron Williams is a free agent this summer, the Lakers may very well be at the top of his list. Especially if Dwight Howard is on the team. If Deron Williams is willing to play with Dwight Howard in Brooklyn, why not play with him in Los Angeles for a chance to win now? The Lakers will give him that opportunity the Nets or any other team can’t.

Terrance Shumake is an NBA team writer for The Sports Blitz

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  1. Zayyhor says:

    I want the lakers to get howard & maybe williams i feel that we can be the best

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