Is Carmelo taking the playoffs seriously?

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Friday night the New York Knicks played the Cleveland Cavaliers. A game where the Knicks were dominated from start to finish, losing to the Cavaliers 98 to 90. This was a game the Knicks should have won easily. Instead they were outhustled and couldn’t get a rebound if their last earthly breath depended on it. Carmelo Anthony has been on a incredible stretch lately scoring and rebounding but against the Cavs not so much. Melo finished with 12 pts on 5 for 13 shooting. Coach Mike Woodson chose to leave Melo on the bench for the entire 4 th quarter. Everyone has a bad game but the problem came while Melo was on the bench. Melo sitting by Tyson Chandler on the bench starting telling jokes and laughing while the Knicks were losing. As a star player the Go to Guy why aren’t you not on the floor? Didn’t that bother you? Read more here…

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