Is LSU’s Morris Claiborne’s draft stock falling?

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Morris Claiborne is projected to be drafted in the top 10 by mostMock Drafts including ESPN’s Todd Mcshay projecting him to go to the St. Louis Rams with the 6th overall pick.

Claiborne took the NFL’s Wonderlic test, a test that is given to each player pre draft. The test measures your cognitive ability, behavioral liability and personality. Claiborne’s score was a 4 out of 50. Lets take a look at how that stacks up to the averages of players at his position and others.

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According to Paul Zimmerman’s The New Thinking Man’s Guide to Pro Football, he gives averages at every position.

Offensive Tackle-26


Quarterback- 24


Tight End- 22

Safety- 19

Linebacker- 19

Cornerback- 18

Wide Receiver- 17

Fullback- 17

Halfback- 16

The only player to post a perfect score was Pat McInally (Harvard) a punter and wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals 1976-1985. What does it all mean? Nothing really. It doesn’t judge whether a player will become a good player, but its more of a guage to see if a player can retain information well, based on some questions on paper.

Claiborne later tweeted


Well talking to NFL teams the test do not seem to be a issues for them. So why is it a issues for you people. You guys don’t no me #Top10
Morris Claiborne


You have to agree with him. Football is a performance based sport that has to do with mental but mostly you must have some kind of athletic ability. There has been plenty of gifted athletes that did not test well and still had success at the next level.

At the end of the day, will this wonderlic test determine where he will be drafted? No. Will he do well in the NFL? Only time will tell. But he has a chance to be something special. What do you think? Will this test affect his draft stock?


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