Isiah Thomas, Knicks: Things in sports I’ll never understand

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Isiah Thomas

It happens every few months.  You wake up, surf the internet to check the box score of your favorite team and there you see it, like clockwork.  Inexplicably and quite illogically, the Isiah Thomas-New York Knicks rumors resurface.  It’s like that annoying case of emphysema that keeps coming back no matter how many times you’ve applied the cortisone.

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Just to be crystal clear, let’s review exactly what happened here.  This is a divorce that goes beyond reconciliation, or so one would think.

As we all know, Isiah Thomas was one of the greatest NBA players of all-time.  That much is indisputable.  It’s what happened AFTER he traded in his uniform for a three-piece suit that is in question.  After relatively unsuccessful tours of duty in Toronto, Indiana and the Continental Basketball Association, Thomas landed a gig with the New York Knicks as their President of Basketball Operations, a title I SO want on my business cards.

Not only did Thomas make poor financial and roster-based decisions on behalf of the franchise, he was dismissed in the wake of a multi-million dollar, sexual harassment scandal.

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