Jay-Z Rocawear clothing line to partner with the Yankees?

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For a while, many believed the rumors that rapper Jay-Z’s clothing line — Rocawear — was going to go under water, as Jay-Z would file for bankruptcy, but after successfully producing a commercial — which aired during the NCAA basketball championship game, it’s being reported that the clothing line will be teaming up with the New York Yankees.

Details of the partnership have yet to be reveled, but it’s being reported that the reason why the two — Rocawear and the New York Yankees — came to being partners was because of Jay-Z’s love for the baseball team.

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“Jay-Z has been a long-time fan of the Yankees, regularly attends games and even included his favorite team in song lyrics, so this was a natural partnership”, said Jameel Spencer — Executive Vice President of Marketing at Iconix Brand Group. He continue with, “Rocawear, along with Jay-Z are very excited to be working with the Yankees for the 2012 season. We feel another championship in ’12!”.

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