Jeremy Lin: Blasted by New York media, knee not ready

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Jeremy LinMore than six months ago after undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus, Jeremy Lin, part of the new look Houston Rockers, continues to blame his struggles on his knee.

“My speed and my explosiveness and my agility (are not) there yet,” Lin said the other day. According to the New York Daily News

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The former member of the New York Knicks saw his first action since injuring his knee last March against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Lin was unable to stay with Russell Westbrook, who accounted for 19 points in only 16 first-half minutes.

While some Rockets coaches have confided that Lin needs to work harder to improve his play, he points to his knee as the problem.

“I’m still trying to recover from knee surgery and get to where I was pre-surgery,’’ Lin said.

The New York Daily News pointed out, Lin didn’t have microfracture surgery or tear his ACL, so we can now safely assume that he’s one of the world’s slowest healers. But let’s also remember that even before his storybook career in New York effectively ended against the Pistons, he was anything but a premier athlete. Any problem he might have because of the knee in the future is going to make the Rockets’ $25 million investment look even more ridiculous than it did last July. When you consider that his old team was able to spend that amount of money to go with Raymond Felton ($15 million) and Jason Kidd ($9.3 mil) at his old position, you can see that the Rockets overpaid.

“More than a problem with his knee, what I saw again from Lin is that he is limited as an athlete,’’ was how one person with years of NBA experience put it after seeing Lin’s debut. “Offensively, he should be fine. But when he has to guard opposing point guards, especially guys with speed like Russell Westbrook, he is going to really struggle.’’

Seems to me as if the New York media is waiting and hoping on Jeremy Lin to do nothing but fail.

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One Response to Jeremy Lin: Blasted by New York media, knee not ready

  1. vern says:

    Where are all the Lin lovers now? He’s still blaming the knee. His own coaches disagree and say he needs to work on his game more.

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