Jeremy Lin is a dream for China

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Jeremy LinOnce rejected by a number of NBA teams, New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has emerged in one of the worlds biggest sports markets.

While Linsanity hits America we can only imagine the insanity that is hitting China, the NBA’s biggest market outside of North America.

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As his success continues so will marketing efforts not only here in America but also in China.

“There’s no question brands will be interested in Jeremy Lin,” Jeremy Walker, head of sports marketing and branded entertainment for GolinHarris, told Reuters by telephone from Hong Kong on Monday.

“You only have to look at what Yao Ming has done not just for the NBA but for brands that he represents both in the States and in China.

“Every top Chinese star that comes out from the Olympic Games or wherever it might be, there’s always going to be an awful lot of interest for brands because all the major brands in the world are still looking to China for growth.

“A lot of brands want that positive ‘halo effect’ association they are going to get from being involved with a superstar.”

Lin’s exploits have been witnessed by tens of millions of Chinese fans on state run sportschannel CCTV 5 and, as of Monday, Lin had more than 800,000 fans on his microblogging account.

Just like Yao Ming once made over $50 million due to advertising and became one of China’s most popular figures with Lin’s success could come the same.

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