Jeremy Lin to the Lakers?

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Jeremy LinLet’s face it, the Los Angeles Lakers are in desperate need of a solid point guard and Jeremy Lin made that clear if it wasn’t already.

When the New York Knicks played the Lakers in a recent game, Derek Fisher and Steve Blake of L.A. were not suitable defending a quicker guard. It wasn’t until the Lakers put small forward Matt Barnes to guard Lin when Lin’s fire power dramatically declined. This is just another reason why the Lakers are hurting without Lamar Odom, who played all five positions. Every Lakers loss is a learning lesson and instead of giving Lin more credit than he deserved, the Lakers need to point the finger at themselves for that night.

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So what’s the deal with Jeremy Lin?

As NBA fans turned on ESPN to watch the game in the world famous Madison Square Garden the show seemed to be clearly bias with all attention on the Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. Why are people suddenly talking about him now? And if he was so talented and original, then why wasn’t he drafted when he entered the 2010 NBA draft? Two words. International Marketing.

When former Chinese NBA player Yao Ming retired in 2011 the NBA lost one of their biggest international attractions. Yao was one of the top players in All Star Votes for the past decade and continues to receive votes in the “write in” section as a retired player!


Jeremy would be a perfect example of how to make success in this world. A Harvard graduate that plays in the NBA is rare enough, the twist that seals the marketing deal is the 1.3 Billion people in China that are devoted to their culture and kind. NBA Commissioner David Stern knows what type of players he wants to put in front of the camera and Jeremy Lin will be that man if you didn’t already notice. His recent success on the court is an example of a team that’s attempting to find something without their two star players in Carmelo and Amare sitting out. However, the overwhelming attention to an undeserved and undrafted player such as Lin could end up being a virus to the team. Especially if it gets to head coach Mike D’Antoni who should be starting Baron Davis as soon as he returns from injury.

So what has Lin physically done on the court that we haven’t seen? Could the Los Angeles Lakers who are in desperate need of a PG look over to the new media star? For now Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak is remaining silent as he is hopefully looking to prepare his team for a successful playoff run. The purple and gold squad needs an experienced and selfless scorer somewhere in the lines of; Brandon Jennings, John Wall, Steve Nash, or Deron Williams. Someone who has lead their team and knows what it takes to win.

Lin has only played in forty-three NBA games and shined in just a few of them. It’s just like his role model Tim Tebow who is more known and dangerous in the media than the professional performance they are paid to put on. In other words, there are a handful of NBA point-guards who have performed the same moves and score every night the way Lin has that are much better choices for the Lakers. As the time ticks towards the trade deadline, The Lake-Show seems one minute away from a blockbuster trade that sends the western conference shaking. However, don’t expect to see Lin’s name dropped in the discussion for any reasons beyond media attention. In-fact “Lin-sanity” will be as big as the NBA wants him to be as he has already stolen Vince Carters’ well-earned name.

Sam Sepanji is an NBA team writer for The Sports Blitz and can be found on Twitter @PersianZombie.

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6 Responses to Jeremy Lin to the Lakers?

  1. How can you say undeserved credit when he made more points in his first four starts than anyone in NBA history. That alone puts him in the record book.

    • Overrated says:

      he also made more turnovers in his first 5 starts than any other player in the history of the game….then continued that trend with 15 turnovers in his next 2 starts…….that alone puts him in the record book for all the wrong reasons.
      I know he torched the Lakers, but apart from that, he has played bum teams in NJ, Utah, Sacramento, Toronto, New Orleans, Minnesota, and Washington.
      The fact that Toronto and Minnesota took the Knicks right down to the wire shows that New York STILL suck, and the fact that they got beat at home to the Hornets who were missing half of their starters tells us that Lin is not deserving of the attention he has received….if he was half as good as you say he is, the Knicks would be blowing these teams out by 20 points.

  2. Chillout says:

    because he averages 5.6 points per game in his career. not exactly historic numbers.

  3. Johng says:

    This has to be one of the dumbest columns I’ve ever read, and I’ve read some pretty dumb ones. You seem to know nothing about basketball and even less about life. Get a job.

  4. Jmeedu says:

    Wow.  You’re a complete dolt!  You have no idea what you’re talking about.  Who let you write here?  He may be untested as of yet but contrary to your ridiculous assertion, there is no guard in the league who is doing what he is doing right now, night and night out.  Hitting game winners, distributing the ball, a pure shooting form, bringing energy and excitement to every game.  Any team would love to have him. He may flame out or get hurt but he’s got the real thing.  And don’t worry, the Knicks are not stupid enough to trade him to the Lakers now, anyway.  Who knows where this kid can go?  I just know he ain’t going anywhere, except up.

  5. NYgiants says:

    Agree with you 100% Sam. Great Article!
    Notice the media conveniently hides the fact that Lin has committed more turnovers in his first 7 starts than any player in the history of the game over that same period? 
    The media also claims Lin is the saviour, who has lifted the Knicks to a superior level….umm hello, they almost got beat by Toronto and the T’Wolves, and just got toweled by New Orleans…..if this kid was not of Asian descent, the media would not be promoting him like they currently are.
    But in saying that, he has definitely been playing well…..just not as good as the media leads you to believe

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