Jeremy Lin: Can nice guys finish first?

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New York Knicks Jeremy Lin

Growing up when I looked at professional sports, one thing was said about most athletes. DIVA! There were other colorful adjectives like selfish, self-absorbed, and money hungry. Yes, the theme here is SELF, most athletes seemed to have lost the love for the game.

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The public has decided and the time of being a diva is gone. The quiet, nice and humble image aka Mr. Nice Guy is finally rising. We have witnessed two great stories in sports, they have hit the media and spread like wild-fire. Tim Tebow and new comer Jeremy Lin. We all know about Tebow mania, but Jeremy Lin in his first three games for the Knicks has posted 25, 28 and 23 points plus 10 assists respectively. He played college basketball at Harvard and has turned out to be a pleasant surprise forthe Knicks because they had run out of all options.

Lin will come back down to earth eventually from his hot start. His vision and ability to get to the basket will make him a good point guard. How good? Only time can tell but for now… nice guys aren’t last anymore.

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