Jeremy Lin vs Tim Tebow: No Contest?

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Tebow and Lin

Let’s get this over with. Jeremy Lin has fundamentals, talent, and skills at his sport that Tim Tebow does not. If you want to try to compare statistics, Jeremy Lin has a higher field goal percentage than Tim Tebow’s completion percentage, which means that when the ball leaves Lin’s fingers, it is more likely to go into the basket, than a Tim Tebow pass actually being caught by one of his receivers. There is a statistic that they do match up well to date, that they are both winning! Lin’s New York Knicks have won the last seven, with Lin starting the last six. Lin has not had much talent around him during that time span, and the one game he did (playing with Amare Stoudamire), they won in blow-out fashion. If defensive coordinators in the NFL didn’t prescribe to prevent defense, this article would not be necessary, because most of Tebow’s accomplishments have come during desperation time at the end of games. Lin’s biggest moments have come with his team in the lead or tied.

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Outside of statistics, Lin has the fundamentals that will carry him through a career. Tebow has the worst footwork and throwing motion for his position out of all starting quarterbacks in the league for a number of years since the Byron Leftwich days. Lin’s footwork and quick release has already been proven as game-winning, and able to out duel superstars like Kobe Bryant! It does seem that Tebow can put together a great play every once in a while, but far more inconsistently than Lin.

Lin has a greater following already as well. Being cheered for making a game-winning shot in an opponents arena is virtually unheard of. He is also the 42nd player from an Ivy-league school to play in the NBA. Tim Tebow came from the University of Florida who has produced Hall-of Fame talents like Emmitt Smith, and played with current NFL talent including the Pouncey brothers, Percy Harvin, and Aaron Hernandez(last seen in Super Bowl46).

Honestly, a better comparison would be when Denver can bring better talent to surround Tebow, but it also might expose him as the one-and-a-half dimensional player he is. We will see very soon what Lin can do with real talent around him. Lin does play the correct position for his sport at point guard, while Tebow would be better off at Fullback.

David Gallagher is an NBA writer for The Sports Blitz

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  1. Talent aside, both of them are the kind of players we want everyone to be like. They work their ass off to achieve their goals. 

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