Jerry Rice wants Niners to take the diaper off Alex Smith

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Alex Smith


The San Francisco 49ers spent a lot of time this offseason upgrading elements of their passing game.

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They signed wide receivers Randy Moss andMario Manningham as free agents before drafting A.J. Jenkins, another wide receiver, in the first round. The 49ers wideouts failed to impress last season, so it made sense for the Niners to address the position. They also added Brandon Jacobs and LaMichael James, though, and the addition of two new running backs suggests that the overhaul at the receiver spot doesn’t necessarily mean a change in offensive priorities.

As does the return of quarterback Alex Smith. Smith had a good season running an offense that asked him to avoid mistakes first and foremost and, at the risk of sounding like a diabolical doubter, their “evaluation” of Peyton Manning sent a pretty strong message that they wanted something more at the quarterback spot.  Read More…

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