Joe Mauer should move to third

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Joe MauerFor years, fans and media alike have argued whether the Twins would benefit more by moving “injury-prone” Joe Mauer to a less taxing position than catcher. For years, I’ve been arguing that Mauer is most valuable as a catcher, by a wide-margin, and for the team to get fair value from his enormous contract they need him to catch as long as possible.¬†While all of that remains true, the fact is the Twins don’t have a short-term or long-term solution at third base. Prospect Miguel Sano is killing the ball for Beloit as one of the league’s youngest players, but as he continues to fill out there’s no guarantee he’ll remain at third base long-term. Read more here…

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One Response to Joe Mauer should move to third

  1. s37en says:

    Joe should restructure hsi contract. then we as fans have no problem. all he needs to do is 15 a year. or less. and we can get another pitcher, and actually win games. joe you will be the hated twin. or the home town hero your choice.

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