Joe Paterno 300x203 Joe Paterno, killed by Jerry SanduskyJoe Paterno sat in his wheelchair at his family kitchen table where he has eaten, prayed and studied football for more than a half-century as he was interviewed by Sally Jenkins of The Washington Post. It was the last we would ever hear from him.

Many will say that lung cancer robbed him of his life, but the Penn State scandal of Jerry Sandusky actually killed him or at least helped it along.

The legendary figure of College Football was diagnosed with cancer in November, only nine days after being fired due to sex abuse charges against former assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky.

As his life ticked past, the final two months ate away at him. Paterno was left unable to fight any longer. Despite his serious condition and obvious age issues, his heart was broken. Paterno loved every minute of coaching and shaping a young mind. It killed him to know there were people out there that thought he was blind to the fact or even part of a cover up.

Paterno was at a point in his life where coaching football and being involved kept him alive. It kept his mind as sharp as it could possibly be at his age.

Joe is a fighter, but when he received a note to pick up the phone and call Penn State is when things started to decline rapidly.

In the hospital spokesman Dan McGinn stated,  ”Over the last few days Joe Paterno has experienced further health complications, his doctors have now characterized his status as serious.”

Paterno’s mind and body finally gave up. Much like the University decided to give up on him.

Let’s remember Joe Paterno for the good that he has done for not only Penn State, but for college football. It’s absurd to remember him for being part of a scandal when we don’t even know for certain the part he played it.

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