Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones vs. Anderson Silva: The ultimate fight

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Jon JonesThe ultimate Mixed Martial Arts battle would come between the two best fighters in the sport today. Anderson “The Spider” Silva and Jon “Bones” Jones both champions and both are very good at keeping other fighters in a “purple haze”. Silva, fighting in Brazil his whole life and Jones, the Greco-Roman wrestler turned fighter. They are the type of athlete that you tell your children or grandchildren “I saw them when…” Having seen both these gentlemen I am convinced that they are the best that I have seen. Now I need to know which man is the better fighter. Will this fight ever happen? Who knows? Only time will tell.

I know that fight fans are chomping at the bit to see this fight happen, but there are some obstacles in the way. Silva and Jones are in different weight classes. Luckily it is only a one weight class difference. Jones weighing in at 205 pounds could drop 10 pounds and Silva at 185 pounds could add an additional 10 pounds to come up to 195 pounds. Having them meet in the middle would be the best thing for both. Silva, the Middleweight title holder has not lost a fight in five and a half years. He is 14-0 in the UFC octagon. He is thirty-six years old and he is seemingly getting better as time goes on. A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, a very good striker, and he is a very well-rounded fighter. He shows no signs of slowing down. Jones, the Light Heavyweight title holder is just twenty-four years of age. He has successfully defended his title three times so far and has a title fight against Rashad Evans April 21, 2012 in Phillips Arena in Atlanta. His wrestling is superior, he has good jiu jitsu, excellent Muay Thai, and with his 84.5 inch reach it is very hard to get inside on him. Jones is hard to hit and his unorthodox style just plain confuses opponents.

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In my estimation, these two would be like lions fighting for leadership of the pride. The old lion using all his skills against the younger lion, who wants to make his mark on the sport. The old lion has wisdom and cunning on his side. The young lion has his youth, stamina and strength on his side. Both want to be the greatest, but that is reserved for just one of them. Silva has a lot of fights under his belt, so he has seen almost everything that you can see in the octagon. Jones is much younger and has only been fighting in the octagon for a few short years, but his skills give him a very good chance of winning this ultimate match were it to happen in the near future. Both Jones and Silva want to leave their signature on the world of mixed martial arts.

For me and for fight fans around the world this would be the ultimate match-up. At this point in time they are both at the top of their respective games, and the match would show the fight world who is the pound for pound best in the world. Fans of the mixed martial arts will have to wonder about which fighter is better, Jones or Silva? I would love to see Dana White put this fight together in the near future while they are both at their best. Personally I believe Jones to be the better of the two, but that distinction will be debated for some time to come. This is the fight that I would most like to see. This is my ultimate.

Mike Samuels is an MMA writer for The Sports Blitz.  He can be conatcted at

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2 Responses to Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones vs. Anderson Silva: The ultimate fight

  1. Ed Flood says:

    I’d like to see it but its not my dream match up. I think it’s basically a test for Silva having to deal with somebody much larger than he and with a significant reach advantage. Taken to the ground Silva will not have had anybody that size to handle. Long and lean either he can summit or be submitted.
    I want Jones vs Overeem. Cormier, Rothwell, Nelson. See how he handles some of the bigger guys with similar reach and more power. Will he retain his speed as he moves up. It’s ineveitable for Jones to move up and after he destroys my boy Hendo their is no reason for him to stay at 205.

  2. Miffia says:

    Yea both prospects would be fun and interesting..but IMO 1) If Silva can’t handle Chaels wrestling, he would get absolutely tossed by Jones and believe me, good old Greg Jackson and Co. would make sure he got it to the floor asap
    2)Hendo will get destroyed by Jones unfortunatley(im a fan too) all he has is a punchers chance with that big right and i don’t think he can get inside to do it. Opinions are like as*holes i know , but my humble prediction would be a third round finish by Bones in that one.
    3) Sadly enough and mark my words, we will NEVER see any super fight in the UFC where 2 of the best pound for pound fighters(in their primes) square off by one moving weight class or catch weight etc, because it would be bad business to diminish either fighters star power/mistique. Im sure the match ups will happen eventually like Chuck ,Wandy etc but it will be long after their primes. The Ufc wins because even though they are outta their primes people will still watch.
    Another thing about Jones moving up
    is i don’t doubt they will give him some safe heavyweight fights with big names like Nelson… ala Silva vs Forrest and Irwin. Fights that are safe enough, yet help to increase his mistique(oh wow the dude has even beat up a few heavyweights type sh*t) They will NEVER pit hime against legit threats/favorites like JDS, Cain etc…. too risky, plus i think he would get dealt with by that caliber of Heavyweight.
    P.S- Instead of moving Jones up after(he already has IMO) cleaned out the 205, the Zuffa hype train will continue to over – hype luke warm competitors to his crown i.e Glover Teixeira..Not saying the dude isn,t hella tough, but this B. S about Shogun being “scared” to fight him is just that BS Dana White hype business. We often forget that is indeed his job description to do so. What Shogun said( i would assume) is that he has nothing to gain from that fight and everything to loose to ano name fighter at this point in his carrer, If Glover was currently a top 2 contender for the belt he woulda said yes…and in my opinion, if a healthy Shogun showed up fight night would destroy glover.

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