Jonny “Bones” Jones: Fighter profile

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Jon JonesThe youngest champion in UFC history, those are wonderful credentials to have gained at the young age of 23 when he won the light heavyweight crown. Jon Jones was a stand-out high school wrestler and state champion. He was a Junior College champion as well. Jones has been a stand-out throughout his athletic career. In just about four years as a professional he has amassed an impressive record of 15 wins with just one defeat. That single defeat was by disqualification due to downward elbow strikes. He was handily winning that fight as well.

Jones stands 6”4 with an 84.5 inch reach, the longest in UFC history. He presents many obstacles for his opponents. He utilizes his wrestling, jiu jitsu, and Muy Thai to defeat his opponents. He is a very unorthodox fighter. He throws kicks and punches from odd angles. The elbows and spinning elbows that he throws are lethal. He is not easy to take down. His take down defense is excellent. He has very good submission skills as well. He uses the guillotine and rear naked choke very well. Coming from a Greco Roman wrestling background he has great upper body strength. He is somewhat of an enigma to those who have faced him. No one has been able to figure out his style of fighting. He is a student of the game. He watches a lot of tapes of other fighters. It has helped his all-around fight game. He is a very complete fighter in that he utilizes all aspects of the fight game. He kicks, he punches, he shoots for take-downs, he throws vicious elbows and knees. For a fighter who has only been in the game for a few years, the techniques that he uses are that of a fighter who has been at it for a much longer period of time.

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He defended his title first against former champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 135 defeating him at 1:14 of the fourth round with a rear naked choke. He had Jackson on the defensive through three rounds of their fight and did not allow Jackson to mount much of an offense. When the fight was over Jackson gave the younger Jones a lot of praise and respect. Jones’ performance in his first title defense was to quote the video game Mortal Kombat a “Flawless Victory”. His second title defense came against another former champion in Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 and defeating him at 4:26 of the second round due to a guillotine choke. In the first round both fighters felt each other out. Exchanging punches and kicks, Machida caught Jones with a good shot, but Jones worked through it. Jones took Machida down and hit him with an elbow that put a deep cut into Machida’s head, they worked back to their feet where the referee stopped the fight to let the doctor check out the deep gash in Machida’s head. The fight resumed and just prior to the end of the fight Jones caught Machida with a short left that sent him to the canvas, and in getting to his feet he stumbled into the guillotine which ended the fight. Machida was completely knocked out and Jones left him in a bloody heap against the side of the cage to retain his title.

Jon Jones is one of the most gifted young fighters to come into the MMA world in a very long time. Now at the tender age of 24, his skill level as a fighter is well beyond his young age. Every time we see him fight it seems that he has added another weapon to his ever growing arsenal. One of the things that most impresses me about this young man is that he is very humble and soft spoken. He puts thought into the words that he speaks when being interviewed. He is an all-around nice young man. That is until you have to face him across the cage during a match. I think that Jones can be the champion as long as he chooses to be. He trains properly and has good folks around him to help him stay focused. Jones brother Arthur plays for the Baltimore Ravens and his younger brother Chandler is a D Lineman at the University of Syracuse.

If you are a fan of Mixed Martial Arts then Jon Jones is a fighter that you really need to watch if you have not done so already. You will not be disappointed in what you see. He is a one of a new breed of athletes that can compete at the elite level of whatever sport or sports that they want and do well at that level. According to Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is the No.1 light heavyweight in the world and the No. 3 Pound for pound fighter in the world.

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