Josh Freeman putting in the work, can he obtain the results?

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Ron Turner, Josh Freeman

For the Buccaneers to make strides in 2012, it’s going to take more than new coach Greg Schiano’s discipline.

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Mostly, they need Josh Freeman to go back to being the Josh Freeman of 2010.

Freeman regressed badly last year during the Bucs slide, but his new coaches say they can tell Freeman is determined to fix it.

“He has a burning desire to be good and to be great,” new Bucs quarterbacks coach Ron Turner said, via Mark Cook of  “And he doesn’t just talk about it. He comes in and does it. He has accepted the coaching that we have given him – the technique, the scheme, the fundamentals – all of things we are working on he has accepted and embraced them, and he is working extremely hard to improve.”

Turner and Schiano have been drilling fundamentals since they arrived, though that’s not solely because of Freeman.

“We have and not just because of Josh, but that’s because that’s what we believe in,” Turner said.  “I believe, and coach Schiano believes, and we believe as a staff, that you win with your techniques and fundamentals. First time I met him [Freeman], we started talking about his techniques his fundamentals and what I believe. Read more here…

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