Kentucky’s dominance changing the one and done mentality?

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If you want to debate, talk about whether you think the NBA should change its one and done rule. College players have the option to spend one year in college and after that year they may elect to enter the NBA draft early. From a negative perspective fans hate the rule. They feel it sucks the excitement out of the sport.
It also puts a huge amount of pressure on the coaches and schools, trying to recruit new students year after year and installing a good basketball system with so many new faces. On the latter side fans argue that it’s the player’s choice, if they have the opportunity take it. Injuries could happen, and people want to make money fast.
The coach that is dominating the competition with this rule is surprisingly not in favor of it, “There are some opinions that will never change, and I’m not trying to change them,” Calipari said. “It’s not my rule. But the only thing I can do is recruit the best players, the best students who go to class.”
Dick Vitale was quoted by USA Today saying, “Wow, it hurts to admit that a game I love, college basketball, has been really hurt big time with players leaving early. Let’s face it: The real beneficiary of the one-and-done rule is the NBA. Hey, baby, you don’t have to go to Harvard to figure that out!”
Kentucky is on the way to dominating this year’s NCAA tournament outscoring their opponents by 17 points per game. Lead by freshman phenom Anthony Davis averaging 14 points and 10 rebounds a game he is a force in the middle. The stars don’t stop there with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, a tremendous wing player averaging 11 points 7 rebounds and 2 assists. Kentucky is built from the outside to the inside, both players mentioned before are projected to be top 5 lottery picks.
Mike and Mike stated that they haven’t seen a more dominant performance in the tournament. Most people couldn’t believe that this kind of performance was possible with the one and done rule. Well it has… but the question is will this trend ever stop? Players like Austin Rivers would disagree, already having declared for the draft. Players like Jared Sullingerhowever want a national championship and actually believes in the college life. Will he return? Who else is leaving for the green pastures of the NBA? Only time will tell.

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