Kevin Durant and past 2nd overall picks

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kevin durant 300x203 Kevin Durant and past 2nd overall picks

In sports you always learn that if you don’t finish first, you finish last. When you get drafted first overall, you get the money, but you also have the most pressure on you to succeed. If not you go down in history as a huge failure or what we call a bust. People forget about who was drafted second overall. Lets take a look back ten years and see where they are now.

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2001- Tyson Chandler drafted by the Clippers but traded to Chicago. Averaging 8.5 points, 8.9 rebounds and 1.4 blocks. He is known for his defense around the rim and most recently won a championship in Dallas. He left via free agency to the Knicks where he is currently chasing after another ring.

2002- Jay Williams drafted by Chicago stayed in the League only a year, because of a horrible motorcycle accident where he suffered serious injuries. He was never able to overcome those injuries, even though in his brief stint he showed promise.

2003- Darko Milicic drafted by Detroit currently averaging 5 points, 4 rebounds a game for Minnesota. Yes, he is still in the league and he was starting for the Wolves before a recent injury. Now he finds himself riding the pine once again and probably will not be in the league much longer. Read more here…

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