Knicks fall to Sixers, 98-90

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In order to avoid falling asleep during this game, I took notes. I’ll just write on here the notes I took and then I’ll elaborate on them.

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“Ronnie Brewer airball” Yeah that was disgusting.

“Steve ‘Swaggy P’ Novak” Novak was playing exactly like Nick Young of the Sixers tonight. He took a gross three off a dribble, but then hit one off the dribble a few possessions later. Novak expanding his game is a good thing, but I hope he doesn’t try and do too much. Novak’s role is not one of scoring, it is one of shooting. Novak dribbling too much and forcing shots is not good for anybody. Ultimately he’ll be fine. I think he is probably taking some shots he wouldn’t take in games that matter.

“Kurt just punched that guy in the balls” Yes, yes he did. Late in the first quarter, Maalik Wayns drove for a transition layup. Kurt Thomas, who had a 40 foot lead on Wayns, proceeded to punch him in the crotch area as Wayns completed the and-1. Thomas also had 3 fouls in 6 first half minutes.

“Iso Melo x 1000″ So the Knicks isolated Melo a bunch tonight. You’ll see a good amount of iso-Melo during the season, especially with Amar’e out. The Knicks clearly didn’t use much of the playbook in this game, so they just gave Melo a million touches.

” Thattababe Flight” I think I wrote this because Flight White hit a runner or something.

“Wayns just got pooped on by Copeland” Wayns tried to take a charge from Copeland and was obliterated by Copeland’s crotch. He left the game.

“Prigioni impressive on defense” A technician on defense, Prig Daddy (credit to Jared Dubin) was good on defense in the first half. He stole an inbounds pass and put some nice ball pressure on the Sixers guards in the halfcourt.

“Prigioni smooth passer” Prig Daddy is also a technician passing the ball. I love his two handed bounce passes in particular. Prigs made some great passes to guys coming off screens as well as in the pick and roll. Another strong showing for him. Read more…

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