Knicks, Nets ‘in a New York State of Mind’

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In the 2012-2013 season, there will no longer be one NBA team in the state of New York. The Nets,  formerly of New Jersey, have moved to Barclays Center in the borough of Brooklyn and have put together a formidable team that will rival what the New York Knickerbockers will put on their floor this year. We will discuss the changes that were made in these two teams, their fundamental differences, and their outlooks for the season.

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For starters, competition is good. New York is a state with eight million people and for decades it has been a one basketball team town. This is a state that at one time housed three baseball teams simultaneously; the Brooklyn Dodgers, the N.Y. Giants, and, of course, the N. Y. Yankees. Currently in California there are four NBA teams; the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, and Kings. So why not have two NBA teams in New York?

Certainly the timing couldn’t be better for the Nets to have made their move. The Knicks have been struggling for quite a while, winning only one playoff game in over a decade. They haven’t won a championship in almost 40 years! However, it won’t mean that Knick fans will suddenly change their allegiance and become Nets fans either. Remember these are the same loyal fans who have gone through a long stretch without a winning team but want it so badly that after winning game four in the first round of last year’s playoffs, they threw confetti and gave their players a rousing- standing ovation inside a packed Madison Square Garden as if they had just won the NBA Championship! Read more…

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