Knicks outlast Wizards: Preseason recap

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Tonight, the Knicks went into our nation’s capital to kick off their inaugural preseason game against the Wizards, and after watching this game, although it’s relatively meaningless considering the fact that it is a preseason game, I was impressed with the new look Knicks; new look as in the brand spanking new jerseys. The jerseys are pretty sleek, sexy, and just plain awesome, except the jersey piping, which makes me want to smash something (I’ll admit it, the “sexy” part is just a filler, but still, the jerseys are still pretty hot, yo). The Knicks scored 38 points in the first quarter (!)  off of 11 assists. That being said, ball movement played an important role in this game. The second quarter was filled with loads of boredom until the Knicks finally broke the Wizards 18-0 run with 4:23 remaining in the second quarter. This game pretty much stayed close until the fourth quarter.Here are some other notes:

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  • My favorite part of this whole game was seeing Raymond Felton’s return to the Knicks. Overall, it was a success. He certainly looked like he was in great shape. He drove to the basket aggressively, as well as distributing the ball very efficiently. Felton increased the offensive tempo, and erupted off the dribble and, *drum roll…in isolation situations. On one possession, Felton isolated while the time ran out in the second quarter and exploded on a drive to the basket/cupcake and got an and-one as the end result. In the end, Felton dished 8 assists and only committed one turnover. Glorious. I really can’t wait to see him come regular season time. Keep it up, Ray.
  • J.R Smith finished only one point behind Steve Novak for leading scorer. I was surprised he didn’t Instagram Earl Barron’s face after he hit that one jumper over him (did i just say Earl Barron’s name? Yes, yes I did. And he’s making a derp face in the photo above while Jason Kidd looks drunk). J.R did J.R things. Read more…
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