Should the Knicks sign Nash or Lin?

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SteveNashandJeremyLin 150x150 Should the Knicks Sign Nash or Lin?

Who should the New York Knicks sign? Old versus new, the experienced versus the potential. They are both entering into free agency and will definitely have several teams blowing up the phones for their services. Recently, there has been talk of The New York Knicks signing Steve Nash and resigning Jeremy Lin. The question remains should the Knicks let Lin leave and sign Steve Nash? There are many opinions and debates out there but who will get the New York Knicks the elusive NBA Title they have searched for over the last 39 years?

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Jeremy Lin, the Lin-sanity creator and the man who single-handedly sent the Knicks fans into a frenzy, made a name for himself this year . He was claimed off of waivers by the Knicks. He was buried on the Knicks bench, one step from a towel boy.

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