Kobe Bryant, the next head coach of the Lakers?

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Coach Kobe BryantFor those that believe Mike Brown is still coaching the Los Angeles Lakers you might want to look again.

Kobe Bryant isn’t the first injured player to talk and act like a head coach on the sidelines, but Kobe makes it believable. If you didn’t know any better,  at first glance you would think he is the coach of the Lakers. He’s dressed like a black Pat Riley according to Blacksportsonline.com.

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Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all-time but that doesn’t mean he will automatically translate into good head coaching material.

Another all-time great and Los Angeles Lakers player, Magic Johnson led the team to five NBA championships and was hired in 1994 to coach the team after the dismissal of Randy Pfund.

Magic lost five of six games and decided to buy stock in the team instead.

What makes Kobe different from Magic is his attitude.

During his playing years it seemed as if Magic was more excited for others success than his own. Despite his personal accolades he was always described as the ultimate team player. This is where they differ.

Like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant is more about himself and that’s not a bad thing especially when it comes to being a head coach.

Magic quickly realized that he wouldn’t be able to please everyone, play them enough minutes and at the same time keep the fan base happy during a losing season.

The same attitude many have knocked Kobe about could be his greatest strength if he chooses to pursue a coaching career after his playing days.

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