Kobe Bryant rivals Michael Jordan

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Heading into his 1,140th career game (not counting 208 career playoff games), Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers seems to be getting better and better.

Like Hall of Fame player Michael Jordan, Kobe is building on his reputation for playing and winning hurt.

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First it was the wrist and the occasional turned ankle. Now it is a broken nose and playing with a mask for the first time in his career.

The Lakers are winning and doing it against great teams, while other teams struggle and other superstars fold under the pressure.

Like Jordan, trade rumors, injuries, and changes in the roster have slowed other stars this year, but not Kobe. Not now. Not when he’s so close.

Like Jordan, Kobe is driven.

Skeptics may say he had Shaq. He did. He had Robert Horry (the only non-Celtic to win more than 6 rings). Jordan had Scottie Pippen. Jordan had Dennis Rodman and Horace Grant. Now Kobe has Gasol, and World Peace. Kobe has help. Jordan had help. If Kobe wins this time, it will be minus Lamar Odom, minus Phil Jackson.

With superstars linking up to create super-teams, Kobe attracts talent to his team. Like Jordan. Who knows what the roster will look like after March 15th, but Kobe is not leaving. Kobe plays on, at 33 years old, outshining his former peers, and now his current peers.

Like Jordan, Kobe elevates the play of his teammates. Whether it is by example, or intimidation, or love, or fear, or respect, players like Steve Blake, Andrew Bynum, and Josh McRoberts have never played better. Like Jordan.

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player that ever played. But if Kobe wins this year, it will be fair to compare the two. Kobe would have the same number of rings, accomplishments, etc. etc. If he never wins that last ring, then we can say Jordan is still number one, but if he wins one or two more rings, we may have to reconsider this discussion.

In the meantime, it may be time to stop watching for Kobe to fail, and time to just watch him play.

How would Jordan respond to getting his nose broken at an all-star game? Take your time, write it down. What Would Jordan Do?? Maybe we will say in the future, “Bird, Magic, Jordan, Kobe… none of those guys would have…”? Kobe has earned the right to be compared to the best that ever played, period.

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5 Responses to Kobe Bryant rivals Michael Jordan

  1. Dwjack194449 says:

    you must be on crack or something.  kobe isn’t good for anything but scoring.  Jordan is on like 6 or 7 all-time lists in the top ten.  He is the greatest in scoring, steals, most points in playoff game, championships and being a real brother who didn’t have everything handed to him.  Kobe sucks-he has never had to actually fight for anything he has ever gotten.  If he does win a championship without Phil and with a lack luster cast, it will put him on the road to being a premier player, but to be in Jordan’s league it really pushing it.  Kobe will get my respect when he plays out of double, and triple teams like Jordan, and play solid defense consistently.  The league is soft-just like Kobe! 

  2. Mary Mote says:

    Dwjack what are you smokin, Kobe is right up there with  all of them mentioned in the article, and may be even better than some..
    The article is right on.

    • Batman>Superman says:

      And now everybody sit back, take your false OPINIONS out of it, and lets look at statistical facts: Nobody would start their franchise with Scottie Pippen over Shaq, so the fact that Kobe was allowed to start his young career playing basically one on one for 9 seasons (since shaq was doubled or tripled) certainly helped his development.  Jordan’s career average per season is actually .04 higher than Wilt, and the fact that Kareem averages 22 a game for his career, shows he had to play 20 + seasons to reach his total.  Crazy! It goes to show you playing with 2 other HOfers can extend your career to the point where he can score 14 ish points in his last ring year.. and still have it counted to his total of 6… there are reasons why Robert Horry and Hondo arent considered in the conversation even though they have 7 and 8 rings… because they werent considered the best player on their team or basically THE reason they won… Its why Kobe has 2 rings tops… averaging 15 points in his first NBA finals.. was he the reason they won? or was it shaqs 38 a game?.. How about his second finals? A little better averaging 24 a game..Shaq still the finals MVP ofcourse.. and his third? his best statistical performance considering Shaq was on the team.. 26ppg… (Jordans lowest average (1996 Sonics… his highest? 43ppg against the Suns… LOL) I think people have fogotten just how dominant Shaq was in his prime… Alot of people blame Shaq for the finals fail in 2004 going for the 4 peat.. but again.. Kobe averaged 22 ppg on 38% shooting.. ouch! While Shaq averaged 27+ on 63% shooting.. cmon guys.  He was  undoubtedly the best player in the league for a stretch in the middle of 2000’s.. say maybe 2006-09 – but lets not confuse taking THAT many shots to get your points is hardly in Michael Jordan’s league (career average reg season 49% and 48% in the playoffs) (Kobe’s career average 45% reg season and 42ish% in the playoffs… Kobes scoring average stays the same between reg season and playoff.. while Jordan raises from 30.12 a game to 33.4 … geez – Well now that “is Kobe better than Jordan” debate is over with Facts.. how about clutch stats? Kobe is a 37 for 115 in chances to either win the game on a final shot or tie it (7-25 (28%)in the playoffs) (Lebron is 5-12 in the same senarios in the playoffs BTW LOL @ all the unclutch Lebron talk) Anyway, MJ in the playoffs in 9-18 (50%) including two in the finals..  – Lets just enjoy Kobe’s career for what it is, a great one on one wing player, with the ability to hit big shots for his team – but perhaps gets over half his touted ring totals because of the most dominant center in his era…)

      • Dbbell70 says:

        True, but how many rings did Shaquille have before Kolby? They NEEDED each other! YES Kobe should be in the discussion!

  3. Juan the Don says:

    KB24 all day and every day

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