Kobe Bryant suffered nasal fracture during All-Star game

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Results of a CT scan for Los Angeles Lakers guard, Kobe Bryant revealed that he suffered a nasal fracture.

The incident took place while Kobe was driving to the basket and was hit by Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, who the Lakers play this Friday.

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Bryant will be examined and re-evaluated by ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. John Rehm on Monday when he returns to Los Angeles.

It has also been reported that Bryant is having migraine headaches which could be resulting from the fracture.

During the post-game interview Kobe stated that the foul was simply an accident.

He has played through his career with much more painful things than a nasal fracture.

Expect him in the Lakers line-up Wednesday against the Timberwolves and more importantly Friday against the Heat.

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  1. That would suck to get hurt in an All Star game. 

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