Is Kobe the real NBA G.O.A.T?

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Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers drives t...

Kobe Bryant has been called many things in his illustrious NBA career.

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Kobe has been called the prodigy.

Kobe is a great player, and is top ten All-Time, but first Kobe needs to get into the top 5 before he can even dream of being Jordan.

Kobe 16 years = 29484 pts

Jordan 13 1/5 years= 32292 pts (one fifth of a season is approx. 17 games 1994-95).

Jordan retired from the Bulls after his father was murdered at 30 years old and took off almost 2 years when he was still averaging 30 plus points a game.

Jordan’s defense was and is unparalleled by any 2G in NBA history and is considered by most to be top 10 NBA All-Time at any position, Centers, Guards, and Forwards included.

Kobe was a sidekick for 8 years in the NBA, and came off the bench for years before he started.

Can you name any player considered top ten All-Time that came off the bench at any point of his career, let alone was second string for years?  Read more here…

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