Kyna Treacy: Hottest photos of A-Rod’s hottie

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After struggling to find his way out of a paper bag during the eighth inning of the New York Yankees being down 4-0, Alex Rodriguez was seen flirting with two girls near the Yankees dugout. One of those women was Kyna Treacy, a bikini model and designer from Australia.

A-Rod has taken serious heat for his “lack of interest” in the actual game, even mogul Donald Trump couldn’t resist, posting Twitter musings that called A-Rod a ‘$30m/yr rip off’ and that ‘it was only drugs that made him great.’

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Rodriguez has two children with his ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis and has dated Kate Hudson, Madonna, Cameron Diaz and WWE wrestler Torrie Wilson. Not nearly the list of teammate Derek Jeter.

Rodriguez didn’t talk to reporters as we he walked onto the field for pregame the night after, but wore a big smile on his face as he laughed and joked around with teammates.

In the dugout, A-Rod smirked, waved and mouthed ‘hi mom’ when TV cameras were fixed on him.

Treacy was identified by The Daily Mail as 33 year’s old, but she took to her Twitter account for the first time since May to let people know that she is actually 27.

She also appeared in a 2009 Air Pacific commercial in her bikini…enjoy

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