Maybe the Lakers should hire Jack Nicholson?

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Jack Nicholson LakersWhen Mike Brown was offered the position of Los Angeles Lakers head coach he also took on the challenge of continuing a dynasty that previous head coach Phil Jackson had put together in 99′.  Brown was the assistant coach for his son’s middle school basketball team at the time he was offered the head coaching position for the Lakers in May 2011. Initially, any fan that had an opinion on the Lakers was devastated over the news

Fast forward to the present and Jack Nicholson does a better job coaching in his chair than Coach Brown.

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When Mike Brown was hired it felt as though a Brown cloud was hovering over the Staples Center. Many were expecting to see former Lakers player Brian Shaw fill that position, including Magic Johnson.

Shaw was the assistant coach for Jackson in the season prior to the Mike Brown era and is now the current assistant coach for the Indiana Pacers. Recently the Lakers have looked like a game of ‘Jenga’ that’s rattling and certainly missing a few important pieces. With their last win over the Timberwolves, the Lakers survived a much-needed road victory. The Purple and Gold team is starting to get comfortable being scrappy.

Even those flabbergasted at the signing of Coach Brown are beginning to smile and sit back in their chairs.

On the exact day Brown was signed, Bill Plaschke published with an article for the L.A. Times disapproving the decision. He said “Not only did Mike Brown not seem to be the best available candidate, he didn’t even seem to be the best available Brown.” In another article seven months later Plaschke wrote “Mike Brown is as old school as Josh McRoberts’ socks. He is as frantic as Troy Murphy’s hair. But he is as affable as Derek Fisher’s smile.” So while he is growing on to the city of angels, the wins need to grow faster.

If Jerry Buss cared more about what the city thought of their Coach they’d hire Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. Cleary, a Lakers’ leader who could magically erase the point guard issues and already be in the loop of what’s been going for ages.

Magic had an interim head coach position with the Lakers for 16 games in the 93-94 season. Days before LA signed their new coach Magic said “Only a supremely experienced coach who has a deft touch with veterans can squeeze one more run out of these Lakers.” If former PG and assist legend Mark Jackson can go from a TV booth to the head man of the Golden State Warriors, why wouldn’t the Showtime give one of its founders a shot?

Many still argue who the Lakers Head Coach should be as if the Lakers are missing one. While many sit and question the coaching decisions made by Brown the reality is that Coach Mike Brown signed a four-year deal with the Lakers with an option on the fourth year. But in the case that the “Jenga” blocks fall, it isn’t the fault of the last person that pulls a piece, instead we should consider immediate changes on the team or result to living and breathing the KOBE SYSTEM! Until then let’s just let the man have a chance to deliver.

Hopefully Brown can do that for us.

Sam Sepanji is an NBA team writer for The Sports Blitz

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