Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum 300x199 Why the Lakers need Howard more than Bynum to win a ringDwight Howard is the most dominant force in the NBA at his position. I say that with all due respect to Andrew Bynum the 24 year old up and coming beast that is the current Laker center and arguably the second best center in the league.

Bynum is no Howard. This should go without saying, but the proof is in the pudding to coin the old cliche’.

You say, look at those post moves and footwork that Bynum displays with ease after honing for 7 years now with help for the likes of Kareem Abdul Jabbar and surely a point or two from Kobe here and there. Bynum averaged 11.8 REBS and 18.7 PPG on .558 FG percentage from the field this past season. Not bad for a 2nd or 3rd option huh?

Bynum’s numbers speak to his skills improving dramatically over the past couple of years to the point where he is now on the path to becoming a perennial NBA All-Star and first or second team all NBA for years to come.

Still, Bynum is no Howard. Howard’s numbers are better of course, but not by much as you may be aware. 14.5 REBS and 20.6 PPG on .573 FG percentage from the field. Only 2 points and about 3 rebounds a game more than Bynum, he shoots a bit better as well. Not MVP numbers but without question the best at his position on the offensive end of the court, if not by much.

Where Howard becomes a “super-beast”, if there is such a thing, is on the defensive end of the court. He defends like no other player in the NBA today. He is now for the 3rd consecutive time the NBA defensive player of the year. With players like Lebron James, Kevin Garrnett, Serg Ibaka, and Tyson Chandler only dreaming of having his abilities to stop scorers from even thinking of driving to the rim, Howard is the lynch pin of any All-Defensive team the NBA could put together.  Read More…