Lamar Odom: Time for him to hang it up?

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Lamar OdomThe Dallas Mavericks have reached an agreement to part ways with Lamar Odom, but will not release his rights.

The Mavs will place Odom on the inactive list for the remainder of the season.

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“Lammy” as those who watch Khloe and Lamar would refer to him as, needs the remainder of the season to clear his head after career-low numbers after leaving the Los Angeles Lakers.

There is no reason to not like Lamar Odom, no matter the team you root for. Sure he may be involved with the Kardashian’s but let’s not hold that against him.

The former Los Angeles Lakers sixth man of the year is passionate, dedicated and a hard worker. His struggles this year could be more  mind over matter than deteriorating skills.

After the reality set in that Odom was to be traded by the Los Angeles Lakers to the New Orleans Hornets he felt disrespected.

“It wasn’t about going to New Orleans. It was just about how they did it,” Odom said. “I felt a little disrespected. After being here for so long and going through so many things, I felt like they could have just told me and I probably would have accepted it. If someone is telling you that you can’t be here or there’s no more room for you, you got to understand that. I think because it’s just how they did it is the reason why I took it so personal.”

It’s obvious now  that the Lakers are much worse without Odom.

His first season in Dallas didn’t go as planed either.

The 32 year-old Odom was well below his career averages in nearly every statistic before being placed inactive.

As a sixth man for the Lakers he averaged 32 minutes per game and this season he is only on the court 21 minutes a game.

The 13-year veteran contemplated retirement after the proposed trade and it’s obvious his heart and soul, what got him here in the first place, is no longer on the court.

  PPG   RPG   APG   FG %   
Career 14.4 8.8 3.9 46.7
2011-2012 7.7 4.5 1.7 35.7
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13 Responses to Lamar Odom: Time for him to hang it up?

  1. I hope not, I just wish he would go back to the Lakers

  2. Mary Mote says:

    Buck up Lamar, and show the Dallas fans what you are made off. Don’t let being traded, no matter how hard and unexpected it was, ruin your career.
    Lakers fans know how good you are, now go out and show the Texans what your made of..We are pulling for you

  3. Kenngo1969 says:

    “His first season in Dallas isn’t going as planed either.” [sic]

    Not going as planed?  Oh, no!!!

  4. Chudney2 says:

    It’s just an adjustment period.  When you are sold out by a team you dedicated yourself to and then get slapped in the face and the wind knocked out of you it take a moment.  Lamar will get it together and step up.  Right now he’s the best thing going for the Mavs and once that sinks in he’ll end his career as a Mav with exceptional numbers.

  5. George L. Smith says:

    I have watched all of the Mavs games.  it is obvious that Lamar does not want to play basketball any more.  He is lackluster and doesn’t care about winning or losing, as long as he is getting paid

  6. Gmony484 says:

    Lakers should bring him back if dallas cut him

  7. Carla Ross47 says:

    Lamar Odom was clearly broken hearted by the trade and it showed. I personally don’t like the Lakers, but love the lionhearted Odom. I hope he gets another chance to play and return to his 6th man mentality. He is fun to watch. He is a good person and a talented player.

  8. Mojh81 says:

    You are a Lakers fan or you lost your damn mind!

  9. Darcy3 says:

    I would have been hurt, just like Lamar was hurt. You feel as if you are no longer good enough for the Lakers. Lamar, you are one of the most talented young men that has graced a court in years. Unfortunately, in life things happen that is not in our plans. Just remember, you are the one with the talent. See this as more of a way God of putting you where he wants you to be. There is always a reason things happen. Don’t retire yet. You would be left not knowing which way to turn if you did. Think about it. We all enjoy watching you play. You’re just “too” good for the Lakers, that may be the problem. Embrace your move and play like we all know you can. 

  10. Neva says:

    Because of the Kloe and Lamar show that I love to follow the Odom’s career.  Basketball is everything and nothing at the same time.  But when your job is part of the family that was hard for him to say goodbye (it is like death).  The show let everybody see how he was feeling.  That made it hard to cover it up on the courts.  Lamar loves basketball but it is hard to play when you feel unwanted (traded) without a word said.  “Lamar you’re a good player but we as a business need to trade you.” The people who make the decisions are cowards when it comes to the business of human beings.  Lamar I hope this time off helps you reconnect with the business of basketball and most of all find it in your heart to FORGIVE those who transgress against you.  It was not personal it was business.  Good Luck.

    • Lucymay says:

      “Business” doesn’t have to be disrespectful, though.  Lakers were disrespecful over the way they let him go.  Would have taken ten minutes or less to do it differently.

  11. Lucymay says:

    I don’t think the Lakers OR the Mavs are the teams for Lamar.  The Lakers hurt him to the core with the way they sold him, and the Mavs, by no fault of their own, were shoved down his throat. Don’t give up, Lamar, you have a lot of good basketball still in you.  You will find a place to call your own.  And good luck to you for the Olympic team; a lot of people are rooting for you!!

  12. billy says:

    lamar had to go to the university of rhode island to get some college play because he had eligibility issues. when he played a season he left. he wasn’t loyal to a team that helped him, why is he whining about being traded himself ?

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