Lance Armstrong1 300x224 Lance Armstrong and PEDs

Patrick Kovarik /AFP/Getty Images

In case you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, 11 cyclists that were members of Lance Armstrong’s team confirmed that Lance Armstrong was doping during his seven Tour De France wins. I’ve seen some people comment the past couple of days that who cares if he used Performance Enhancing Drugs? Why does it matter? It’s his body, he should be able to do what he wants to it.

In general, I agree Lance Armstrong is free to do whatever he wants to his body. However, once he starts competing against other people, what he puts into his body is an issue. Every cyclist in the world shouldn’t be forced to take the same performance enhancing drugs Lance Armstrong took just to keep up with him; the possible long-term side effects are at best unknown and at worst very very dangerous. To expect others to keep up with a “cheater” isn’t realistic, and it’s the same reason MLB finally cracked down on Steroid use.

Now, Congress getting involved in the discussion was ridiculous. John McCain and company didn’t ask the right questions when they had the MLB players in front of them, and they shouldn’t have spent any of their time trying to get steroids out of professional baseball. It just shows how congressman are far more interested in getting a little publicity from the American Public rather than actually doing something useful for said public.

The issue with trying to stop performance enhancing drugs completely is that the science is always ahead of the testing. The people that can develop the kinds of undetectable steroids, such as BALCO about 15 years ago, are specifically trying to create drugs that can bypass the drug tests. The reason steroid use was so rampant in MLB for a decade was because BALCO was completely undetectable. Once the federal government raided the BALCO lab, they were able to see how it was made and, obviously create a new drug test that could show if someone was taking this new steroid.  Read more…