Laurinaitis should receive extension from Rams

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James Laurinaitis

The Saint Louis Rams have turned their attention to linebacker James Laurinaitis after signing Chris Long to an extension.

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Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the team has begun talks with agent Tom Condon for the linebacker before he enters the final year of his deal.

“Tom mentioned that they’re talking, but I don’t follow that stuff,” Laurinaitis said. “I really try not to focus on that. I just go and play football and if anything happens, Tom will let me know.”

The Rams are clearly trying to identify the pieces new coach Jeff Fisher wants to build around, and use the big bump in cap space they’re expected to have in 2013.

But as importantly, it’s easier to sell a rebuilding program when good players with options such as Long and Laurinaitis decide to stay.

As Thomas points out, Long’s teams have gone 12-52 since his arrival. Laurinaitis has enjoyed a 10-38 record. Read more here…

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