LeBron James will never be on Kobe’s level

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Kobe and Lebron“Come on man, you’ve got to be kidding me!’, said Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers as he watched LeBron James pass on the opportunity to attempt a three-point basket at in the final seconds of the 2012 NBA All-Star game.

In fact, it happened twice as it was LeBron who took the ball out for the East in the final seconds after hitting 6-8 three-point baskets during the game.

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Both times Kobe blatantly looked at LeBron and said ” What are you doing?”

You see to Kobe and Jordan, moments like that are not an option. They thrive for the greatest moments in sports and while sure, it may have only been an All-Star game the competitors always want the ball in their hands.

It’s a knock on LeBron that has been there for years and while he has improved, his decision-making in the final moments still remains beyond puzzling.

If LeBron is the talent that we all label him why wouldn’t he want the ball in the closing minutes?

Why wouldn’t he want to be the one that makes the last shot? Isn’t it what we all dreamed of playing basketball as kids? Who didn’t sit there and count 3…2…1 and shoot?

Isn’t it worse that a fellow NBA All-Star is in your face talking crap about it?

LeBron was a key factor turning the game and making it competitive in the closing minutes as he finished with an Eastern Conference high 36 points.

As much as people want to compare LeBron, Kobe and Jordan there really is no comparison at this time. It’s Jordan and Kobe and until LeBron shows a killer instinct there is no point in a discussion.

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2 Responses to LeBron James will never be on Kobe’s level

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  2. Connor-el-crac says:

    You can not compare the two – they are both completely different players – Kobe might have the killer instinct but he is selfish and is definitely not a team player- where as Lebron James is. He is scoring nearly the same average as Kobe and he has high averages on assists and rebounds – give him Gasol and Bryant and he would bring out their best qualities – he is definitely more like Michael Jordan than Bryant has ever been

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