LeBron James takes his talents to Boston

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I was living in Gainesville at the time.  Brotha E and I had ventured out to our local pool hall to toss back a few, delicious, bourbon cocktails and watch the NBA Playoffs.  The year was 2007; it was the last day of May.

That was the night when even the non-believers looked on in awe.

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LeBron James had scored his team’s final 25 points, and 29 of its last 30, beginning with two minutes left in regulation and into both overtimes.  The Cavaliers emerged victorious.  LeBron finished with 48 points.  Jaws dropped nationwide.  We had our next Michael.

A lot has happened to LeBron since then, including three MVP awards, two Finals losses and one rather unpopular decision, ramping up criticism to all-time highs and leaving basketball fans wondering where that man had disappeared to.

Perhaps, we were spoiled.  Perhaps he set the bar a little too high, but we all know what we saw that night.  We don’t expect him to do that every time out, but we do expect conviction, consistency.

We got it Thursday night.  LeBron James gave us perhaps the greatest individual performance we’ve seen in an important game since that night in Auburn Hills.

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