LeBron wins first championship, refs to get rings too?

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NBA Finals RefsThe NBA is full of conspiracy theories and David Stern and the referees of the NBA finals have done thing to help that as of late.

Regardless, LeBron James can breathe easy because the Miami Heat have finally won at least one NBA Championship, after you told us they would win multiple when joining them during “The Decision.”

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While the Heat celebrate, critics have blamed the officiating for the turnout of the series and it’s hard to argue they are at least partially right.

There is no doubting LeBron upped his game from his last appearance in the NBA Finals. Even more important, the Heat role players appeared when they needed them most.  Mario Chalmers and Mike Miller were two names not many expected to step up the way they did and they were invaluable to the success of the Heat.

The definitive stat still lies with the referees.

A judgment call by an official late in Game 2 of the NBA Finals went in favor of LeBron James, and that judgment call allowed the Heat to escape with a victory against the Thunder. Three days later, on Sunday night, a judgment call by an official again went in favor of LeBron James — and that call allowed the Heat to hit the clinching free throw and escape Game 3 with a 91-85 victory.

Russell Westbrook accounted for 43 points in Game 4. He attempted 32 shots and only ended up on the line three times the entire game.

During the series, the Heat made more free throws than the Oklahoma City Thunder even attempted and something definitely seems afoul.

These are only a few of the calls that have made many believe the officiating throughout the post-season was awful and during the Finals it has been even worse.

It almost seems as though the NBA wants Miami to win, and they are helping them out via the officiating.

Kevin Durant was subject to many debatable calls. He spent much of the series on the bench early in games due to foul trouble.

Sure it is common perception in the NBA after the Tim Donaghy scandal that there are some legitimate questions about officiating but some of these calls could have affected the outcome of the games.

Most calls in the NBA are judgment calls but it seems that judgement always went against Oklahoma City.

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3 Responses to LeBron wins first championship, refs to get rings too?

  1. If the refs don’t get a ring, they should atleast be treated to dinner by the Heat.

  2. article is DEAD ON bro! i’ve been saying this for days! Call it conspiracy, gambling, payoffs, fixes or whatever the reason behind them but the FACTS are there

  3. What crock….Durant was in foul trouble because he sucks defensively and had to cover James….they shot 100 jumpers a game…and fouled heat players shooting threes to blow one huge lead and game three….please…in game 5 they shot three times as many free throws and lost by 20.. You drive you get fouled….duh

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