The 2012 London Olympics might be on to something.

Leryn Franco, a Paraguayan javelin thrower, admitted she has far more chance of retaining her title as “hottest female Olympian” than she does of leaving London with a medal.

She can throw my stick anytime she wants.

Putting hot women into the Olympic games makes things much more interesting. It’s an intelligent move by the committee and Paraguay who should draw solid ratings, much better than Hand Ball.

Now how do we get her into those Beach Volleyball outfits? Oh, imagine the Olympic ratings then!

Franco was Yahoo’s second-most searched Olympian, trailing only Michael Phelps, at the 2008 Beijing Games and was voted the most attractive competitor by several men’s magazines. She managed just a 51st place finish in Beijing. Despite improving her performances over the last four years, she’s still not expected to finish in the top 20.

Women’s javelin starts August 7th and all eyes will be Leryn Franco.

Leryn Franco 150x150 Leryn Franco: TSBs hottie



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