Lions Justin Durant upset with his teammates

Detroit Lions linebacker Justin Durant is not impressed with the way his teammates have conducted themselves this offseason.

Durant participated in a chat at and was asked by a fan about the total of six arrests from four players that the Lions have experienced this offseason. Durant said it’s time for players in Detroit to make better decisions.

“We just have to be smarter regardless of age right now. I’m not one to judge because nobody is perfect but we have really been terrible at decision making this offseason. I trust the people in the front office to make the right moves,” Durant wrote. “It’s tough because it brings the type of attention we do not want to our team. We want them to talk about the talent we have not about our off the field issues. We have to be smarter and make better choices.”

Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley has been arrested for drunk driving and marijuana possession, running back Mikel Leshoure has been arrested twice for marijuana possession, offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath has been arrested for marijuana possession and cornerback Aaron Berry has been arrested for drunk driving. It would be hard for anyone to argue with Durant:

They’ve made some terrible decisions this offseason. Read more here…