336726 london olympics opening ceremony 300x168 London 2012 Olympics have started, I think Im supposed to be excited?

Photo : AP/JAE C. HONG)

The opening ceremonies are over and the 2012 Olympics are upon us as the eyes of the world turn to London.

Featuring 300 different events, 204 countries have sent their best to compete for a chance at a medal and Olympic stardom.

Here in the United States, we aren’t left with many options as July and August are two of the most boring months in sports, but at least the NFL season is on the horizon.

NBC would hate for me to ask but, how many of us would rather watch Eli Manning and the New York Giants take on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots rather than primetime coverage of Rowing? I thought so…

30 sports are featured in the Olympics including these compelling must-watch events: Archery, Badminton, Cycling, Fencing, Trampoline, Table Tennis, and even Weightlifting just to name a few.

Please, don’t all run to your television at once.

Answer me one question, how many times in the last four years have you found yourself watching Table Tennis, Synchronized Swimming, or Handball?

There is a reason for that.

The evolution of the Olympic Games has resulted in several changes over the years, but more is needed. Sports such as Basketball, Gymnastics, and Swimming gain the most coverage while Archery, Sailing and Judo are great times to take a nap.

Why are these sports popular in comparison to others? Star power – Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Michael Phelps and Ryan Lotche are names you know or will know by the end of the Olympics. Sorry, but you will not remember who won Gold for Archery.

In no way am I trying to take away from the athletes that give all they can for the U.S.A., yes even in Hand Ball, but the Olympic Games need an overhaul.

If Friday’s opening ceremony was any indication of how well NBC’s coverage will do of the Olympics, well then I am a buffoon. The opening ceremony was the most-watched for any Summer Olympics, with an average of 40.7 million viewers tuning in, according to Nielsen.

Although I can argue, it might have been the most impressive thing we see as it was directed by Danny Boyle who has directed a number of movies.